Tunnel Gate Inserts

EXAflow gate inserts are standardized components for tunnel and rear surface gating applications in plastic injection moulding.

Available in diverse types and models, with different gate diameters, these products cover the broadest possible range of requirements.

Our gate inserts save you time and costs by relieving you of the need to fabricate your own sprue gating systems. Rely on our proven modular technology successfully employed by an ever growing clientele.

  • Perfect surface quality and concealed gate marks through tunnel and rear surface gating
  • Gating point may be located up to 10 mm above or below the parting line
  • Variable gate diameters from 0.5 to 3.5 mm
  • Clearly defined separating edge for precise de-gating
  • Save time and cost through fast & easy interchangeability
  • High wear resistance
  • Compact dimensions due to single-part design
  • Enhances molding process reliability
  • Unsurpassed balance in multiple gating applications

Ringelflow – GRF-5


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Ringelflow – GRF

No longer available!

Maxiflow – GXK


Midiflow – GMK

Konturflow – GTK

Konturflow - GTK

Miniflow – GTM

Miniflow - GTM

Miniflow – GTM closed gate diameter

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Standardflow – GTE

Standardflow - GTE

Standardflow – GTR

Standardflow - GTR