In 2001, EXAflow switched to manufacturing by the metal injection moulding (MIM) process, a net-shape forming method relying on the use of fine metal powders. The sintered material is higly wear resistant and can be produced to much higher accuracies than by erosion machining. Moreover, with a surface roughness (Ra) of just 5.3 ┬Ám, the curved tunnel ensures an optimum melt flow while enhancing the ease and reliability of de-moulding.

EXAflow gate inserts are suitable for all injection-moldable plastics, even hard and brittle types such as PC, PC-ABS, SAN and PMMA. In the same way, soft and rubber-like materials such as TPE or TPU can be processed without problems. Our customers appreciate the reliable operation, defined gating properties and outstanding wear resistance of EXAflow gate inserts.

It is precisely because of their longevity that our products are preferred for injection-moulding of plastics filled with glass fibres (up to 50% and above), glass spheres, rock flour, mineral fillers, flame retardants, etc.

In Germany, product sales and application support are handled directly by EXAflow and a select number of agents.

Worldwide sales, including support of our growing non-domestic customer base, is ensured by 24 distributors in the respective countries.

EXAflow application engineers will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have regarding optimum installation or gate dimensioning. In addition, you will find a host of installation examples and much useful information about EXAflow on this website.