exa_service_beratung-2Expert advise

Expert advice on materials and technologies:

EXAflow is your competent partner for all services related to plastics processing. With their expertise in innovative problem-solving, our technicians can optimize your production conditions and workflows.

Selection of plastics:

We will gladly advise you on how to optimize the mechanical and visual properties of your mouldings by selecting the ideal material for your application.


Throughout your development and design phase we can provide valuable advice with regard to the following:

  • Design of mouldings consistent with material and process parameters
  • Mold development
  • Gating systems
  • Specific mounting configurations and applications for EXAflow gate inserts

Injection moulding:

  • Process optimization
  • Quality improvement
  • Identification and removal of surface defects, mechanical flaws or dimensional inaccuracies of injection mouldings


Do you want to process a specific type of plastic but are not really confident with the technology?
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