Below is an overview of the contents of our service area. Click here to register as a service area user. Comprehensive support tools for selecting the optimum gate diameter:

Installation examples for the most common applications:

  • Conversion table for obtaining EXAflow gate diameters for a given circular surface area.
  • Table of distances (L) between injection point and ejector
  • Diagrams of optimum gate diameters for a given shot weight and material viscosity.
  • Descriptions of application examples, with images and text.

Free download area:

Catalogs as PDF

  • Tunnel Gate Inserts Catalog (PDF-File) Download

Product sheets as PDF

  • Ringelflow GRF-5 NEW! (PDF-File) Download
  • Maxiflow GXK (PDF-File) Download
  • Standardflow GTR (PDF-File) Download
  • Miniflow GTM (PDF-File) Download
  • Miniflow GTM- closed gate diameter (PDF-File) Download
  • Konturflow GTK (PDF-Datei) Download
  • Standardflow GTE (PDF-File) Download
  • Ringelflow GRF-1 / No longer available! (PDF-File) Download
  • Midiflow GMK (PDF-File) Download

Examples of installation as PDF

  • Customer´s examples “Maxiflow” (PDF-file, 433 KB) Download
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (PDF-file, 515 KB) Download
  • Standard installation Standardflow (PDF-file, 562 KB) Download
  • Up to 3 mm Contour Konturflow (PDF-file, 511 KB) Download
  • Flat parts Standardflow (PDF-file, 568 KB) Download
  • Nozzle-side installation (PDF-file, 573 KB) Download
  • Thin-walled parts Standardflow (PDF-file, 595 KB) Download
  • Thin-walled parts Miniflow (PDF-file, 571 KB) Download
  • Rear surface gating Ringelflow-GRF-5 New! (PDF-file, 397 KB) Download
  • Up to 11,5 mm contour Maxiflow (PDF-file, 462 KB) Download

Instructions of installation as PDF

  • Tables of viscosity for standard Inserts (PDF-file, 673 KB) Download
  • Tables of viscosity for countourable Inserts (PDF-file, 1050 KB) Download
  • Anti-rotation locking system for rund tunnel gate inserts (PDF-file, 509 KB) Download
  • Installation dimensions “Standard” for GTE, GTR, GTM and GTK (PDF-file, 644 KB) Download
  • Installation dimensions for GRF-5 Neu! (PDF-file, 1 MB) Download
  • Installation dimensions for GXK (PDF-file, 1 MB) Download
  • Installation dimensions for GMK (PDF-file, 1 MB) Download
  • Calotte design for GTK, GXK und GMK(PDF-file, 1087 KB) Download


Restricted download area

CAD data in STEP and PDF format

>> Gate size diagrams
>> Material data sheet

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